• Open Book Podcast

    Open Book is your monthly backstage pass to Roanoke City Public Schools. Hosted by Superintendent Dr. Verletta White, this monthly podcast connects listeners with inspiring stories and the transformative work happening within our schools.Open Book

    In each episode, join Dr. White for in-depth conversations with students, staff, experts, and community partners, gaining insights into what makes RCPS truly unique. The podcast features short, rotating segments covering diverse topics, such as PTA news. Plus, don't miss "Parent/Guardian University," where we will provide practical tips and support for families navigating the educational journey.

    Open Book invites you to explore the heart of RCPS and discover the work being done to shape the future of education in Roanoke.

    Subscribe and listen to Open Book on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and YouTube. You can also stream episodes below. Listening on YouTube allows users to activate closed-captioning, which can also be translated into other languages.

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