• The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and Roanoke City Public Schools expect students to participate in certain tests to help with monitoring school and student performance.These tests also provide information about additional services that may benefit students and provide information to teachers to about individual student needs. 

    RCPS conducts assessments throughout the school year to gauge students' knowledge, understanding, and progress. Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact their student's school with any questions.

    The Assessment and Testing Team is responsible for:

      • Coordinating the formal assessment program, including the preparation, administration, interpretation, and communication of student assessments.
      • Collaborating with Roanoke City students, families, teachers, and school leaders to cultivate positive and purposeful assessment experiences.
      • Ensuring full compliance with federal, state, and local testing expectations.
      • Providing support and services to the RCPS community.

    Mission: to provide strategic and data-driven information for the purpose of increasing student achievement. To ensure that resources needed are provided to schools so that they can thrive for all students. 

    • Director of Data & Analysis
      Michael Trussell
      (540) 853-6117 | mtrussell@rcps.info 

      Assistant Director of Data & Analysis
      Kim Tresky
      (540) 853-2102 | ktresky@rcps.info

      Data & Analysis is led by:
      Dr. Jonathan Schulz
      Executive Director of Division Accountability & Strategic Initiatives
      (540) 853-6052 | jschulz@rcps.info

      Data & Analysis is part of the Academics team, which reports to:
      Dr. Cyndi Williams
      Chief Academic & Accountability Officer
      (540) 853-6113 | cynthiawilliams@rcps.info