• Building Operations

    Each employee in Building Operations plays a vital role in building healthy relationships with students and in the overall school culture.

    All school and facility-based building managers report to Building Operations. These leaders are responsible for:

    • The cleanliness of the schools
    • Energy conservation within each building
    • Monthly fire inspections

    Building Operations also manages overall building maintenance, capital projects, and facility rentals.


Operations Protocols

  • System Wide Summer Cleaning Program

  • Quality Assurance Program

  • Energy Checklist for Holiday Shut Down

  • Monthly Fire Safety Inspection

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Jeff Shawver
    Senior Director of Physical Plants
    (540) 853-6306 | jshawver@rcps.info 

    Building Operations is led by:  
    Chris Perkins
    Chris Perkins
    Chief Operations Officer
    (540) 853-2382 | ccperkins@rcps.info