• Annual Asbestos Notification

    In accordance with the Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act (AHERA), all Roanoke City Schools have been inspected by a firm using accredited inspectors identifying all known and assumed asbestos-containing building materials. This inspection, required every three years, was performed in February 2021 to meet required compliance. Roanoke City Public Schools also performs required semiannual reviews. The last review was conducted in June 2022.

    The findings of the inspection, re-inspections, surveillance reports, and laboratory analysis of samples are categorized in the district’s Asbestos Operations and Management Plan. The Management Plan is available during normal school hours at the Administration Building on Campbell Avenue and at each school location.

    In addition, Roanoke City Public Schools has an open-ended contract with an accredited asbestos monitoring contractor for asbestos monitoring to perform the required testing, and before and after abatement work. Roanoke City Schools provides annual training to all Facilities Maintenance and Operations staff as required by AHERA.