• Overview

    Patrick Henry senior smiles at her family during graduation

    In RCPS, we aspire to have graduates who are . . .


    • Approach challenges with a growth mindset
    • Nurture their curiosity and creativity
    • Are open-minded and responsive to new and diverse perspective


    • Adapt to evolving job opportunities in a changing world
    • Think critically and collaboratively to solve complex problems
    • Persevere to reach their maximum potential


    • Lead by example and with integrity
    • Contribute to their communities and on a global scale in meaningful ways
    • Authentically engage with others and always seek to find understandingStudent walking with diploma after graduation


    • Can imagine a life they envision for themselves
    • Inspire others to act
    • Possess all the tools needed to achieve their dreams

    A Portrait of a Graduate represents the skills or traits that Roanoke City Public Schools envisions in every student who graduates from our school division. It includes a combination of the hopes and dreams the community has for graduates along with the skills and mindsets students need for success in this rapidly changing, complex world.

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