• Apply to Preschool!  

    Roanoke City Public Schools preschool programs are offered free of charge to eligible children in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Classrooms are staffed by certified teachers and by instructional assistants and bus transportation is provided.

    Two high-quality programs are available: 

    • The Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) Program serves children who are 4 years old by September 30th of the school year. Children are accepted based on educational needs and family factors such as income. For additional information regarding the VPI Program, call (540) 853-2300.
    • The REACH program provides special education services for children ages 2 through 4 with developmental delays or disabilities. To qualify, preschoolers must be eligible for special education and related services. To refer a child to REACH, call (540) 853-1900.


    • Supervisor of Early Learning
      Mary-Katherine Schmidt
      (540) 853-1438 |  marykschmidt@rcps.info
      Supervisor of Early Childhood Special Education
      Quanna C. Pannell
      (540) 853-1900 | qcpannell@rcps.info

       Supervisor of Early Learning reports to the Elementary Education Team, which is led by:
      Dr. Eric Anderson
      Dr. Eric Anderson
      Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education
      (540) 853-2300 | eanderson@rcps.info

       Supervisor of Early Childhood Special Education reports to Student Services, which is led by:

      Haley Poland
      Dr. Hayley Poland
      Assistant Superintendent Student Services
      (540) 853-1393 | hpoland@rcps.info 

      Elementary Education is part of the Academics team, which reports to:
      Archie Freeman
      Archie Freeman III
      Chief Academic Officer
      (540) 853-6113 | afreeman@rcps.info