• Flyer Distribution Guidelines

    Roanoke City Public Schools will on occasion grant permission for flyers to be distributed by community and/or governmental organizations. Only those flyers that make students and families aware of activities related to the educational mission of the division will be approved.

    Flyer distribution is governed by two School Board Policies:
    1. Policy KF - Distribution of Information/Materials
    2. Policy KGA - Sales and Solicitations in Schools 

    To submit a flyer to be considered for distribution to students, families, or staff of Roanoke City Public Schools, please:
    1.  Create a flyer that includes the School Board required disclaimer: "These materials and the activity described herein are not sponsored or endorsed by the Roanoke City School Board.
    2. Send an electronic version of the flyer to marketing@rcps.info to obtain approval through the Communications and Marketing Department.

    Once approved by Communications and Marketing, printed flyers can be dropped off or mailed to:
    Roanoke City Public Schools
    ATTN: Communications and Marketing Department
    40 Douglass Ave. NW
    Roanoke, VA 24012  

    Please note:

    • Roanoke City Public Schools is not responsible for the printing of flyers.
    • Roanoke City Public Schools will not distribute flyers electronically to students or families.
    • Flyers should not be dropped off at schools without first contacting the Communications and Marketing department for approval.
    • Flyers will not be distributed during SOL testing.

    If you have questions, please contact the Communications and Marketing Department at (540) 853-2816 or marketing@rcps.info