• RCPS provides high-quality instruction across all content areas to nearly 14,000 students. Students have the ability to take a wide variety of classes, including:

    Equity is a thread that is woven into all we do in Roanoke City Public Schools. As educators, we know every child has a preferred learning style with unique aspirations. We must tailor instruction to meet the needs of our individual students, so they achieve their dreams.

    Visit our curriculum pages to learn more about the classes and programs we offer.

  • Curriculum is led by:
    Greg Johnston
    Greg Johnston
    Executive Director of Academics  
    (540) 853-2300 | gjohnston@rcps.info

    Curriculum and academic departments are part of the Academics team, which reports to:

    Archie Freeman
    Archie Freeman III
    Chief Academic Officer
    (540) 853-6113 | afreeman@rcps.info