• World Languages

    Students have the opportunity to take world language classes, including Spanish in elementary school and Spanish and French at the secondary level.

    Learn more about the benefits of learning a new language, and learn about the Virginia Seal of Biliteracy that can be earned for a high school diploma. 

  • Acting Supervisor of English Learners and World Languages Programs
    Elizabeth Schenkel
    (540) 853-1394 | eschenkel@rcps.info

    World Languages is part of Academics, which reports to:
    Dr. Wendy Durham
    Executive Director of Literacy, Academics, & Targeted School Improvement  
    (540) 853-2090 | wdurham@rcps.info 

    Curriculum and academic departments report to:

    Dr. Cyndi Williams
    Chief Academic & Accountability Officer
    (540) 853-6113 | cynthiawilliams@rcps.info