• We Are Stars RCPS+


    RCPS+ bus routes are available on the Transportation Department webpage.

    RCPS+ is a free summer program that provides engaging and hands-on activities for students. Students will complete academic activities that require problem-solving to promote critical thinking and creativity.

    Registration for RCPS+ is closed.

    The theme for RCPS+ in 2024 is "We Are Stars." 

    Elementary RCPS+

    Monday - Thursday
    June 17 - July 25, 2024
    8 a.m - 2 p.m.

    Fallon Park:
    For students who attend Fallon Park, Garden City, & Morningside
    Grandin Court:
    For students who attend Grandin Court & Fishburn
    Highland Park:
    For students who attend Highland Park & Crystal Spring
    For students who attend Monterey & Preston Park
    For students who attend RAMS & Hurt Park
    Round Hill:
    For students who attend Round Hill & Lincoln Terrace
    Virginia Heights:
    For students who attend Virginia Heights & Wasena
    For students who attend Westside & Fairview

    English: Students will read and write about stars around the world as they explore fairy tales, sports heroes, and mythology. Students will engage in real life experiences to illuminate what they are reading.They will understand their star power by learning what it means to help others in their community anduse their talents to shine!
    Students will see themselves as math stars as they write and speak about math. Students will use books to explore and discuss math concepts. They will investigate making sense of numbers, journal problem-solving strategies, build with engineering blocks, and learn from fun dice and card games that they can play with their families.
    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics): 
    Students will engage in STEAM activities during RCPS+. Through science and experiments, students will discover “THEY ARE STARS” and other “STARS” around them. Students will benefit from the arts, music, and physical education time that will incorporate the summer theme of “We Are Stars.” Students will participate in robotics, engineering challenges, virtual reality, coding, and other technology lessons. Story books will also connect the STEAM lessons to reading.

    Middle School RCPS+

    Monday - Thursday
    June 17 - July 25, 2024
    9 a.m - 3 p.m.
    Location: James Madison Middle School

    English: Students will explore the stars figuratively and literally, practicing reading, writing, and vocabulary skills through social studies and science content. They’ll start by researching and creating a media project about
    Greek and Roman gods — including the Roman god Mars — then reading and discussing informational texts about technology and space exploration, followed by analysis of a spacethemed science fiction story. Students will
    write essays and poetry that will be featured in the RCPS+ literary magazine in the fall.
    The summer math curriculum will encourage our math stars to write and speak about math. Activities and discussions will shine a light on how math is applied in the real world. Enriching students’ reasoning skills, ability to discuss their understanding, and expanding upon prior knowledge are goals of the RCPS+ summer math program.
    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics):
    Each day students will engage in STEAM time. Two-week units will allow students to explore robotics, scientific experimentation, engineering design, astronomy, and other related fields.

  • Other Important Information

    Bus transportation will be provided. Bus routes will be posted on Wednesday, June 12. Please note: RCPS+ bus stops may not be the same as regular school year bus stops.

    There is no cost for students to attend. Both breakfast and lunch will be served.

    RCPS standards and expectations for student behavior will be enforced. If students have repeated and/or serious infractions, they will be withdrawn from the summer program.

    RCPS+ will be closed for the following holidays:
    Juneteenth: Wednesday, June 19th
    Independence Day: Thursday, July 4th

    RCPS+ will dismiss two hours early on Thursday, July 25th.

    Summer programs are led by:

    Dr. Wendy Durham
    Executive Director of Literacy, Academics, & Targeted School Improvement  
    (540) 853-2090 | wdurham@rcps.info 

    Curriculum and academic departments report to:

    Dr. Cyndi Williams
    Chief Academic & Accountability Officer
    (540) 853-6113 | cynthiawilliams@rcps.info