• Bus Routes

    Times listed on bus routes are estimated pick-up times in the morning. Afternoon bus routes are not posted due to factors such as traffic, students who are delayed getting from class to the bus, and other factors that can cause significant variations in individual bus stop arrival times from day to day.

    Buses typically depart the school within 10 minutes of dismissal. Afternoon bus routes vary, as some routes return students in the same order as they are picked up and others run in reverse order. Parents/guardians are encouraged to be at the bus stop based on their student's estimated departure time.   

    Families are encouraged to download the Durham Bus Tracker app to track their student’s bus progress.

    Summer bus routes are available below. Bus routes for the 2024-2025 school year will be available in August. (Bus stops may change from the prior year, and students may have to walk to their stop in accordance with family responsibility zones.)

    Protocols for Students in Preschool, Kindergarten, or Who Use Special Transportation 

    Parents and guardians of students in preschool, kindergarten, and students with disabilities utilizing special transportation are required to meet their student at the bus stop each afternoon.

    If a preschool or kindergarten parent or guardian is not at their stop to meet their student, the bus will continue with its route and students will be dropped off at the next school on the bus route. Our transportation department will make every effort to pick up the student and return them to their home school. However, you may be required to pick up your student from the next school on their bus route. The parent or guardian will be contacted to pick the student up and notified about which school. 

    Students with disabilities who utilize special transportation and are not met at their stop by a parent or guardian in the afternoon will be returned to their home school for the parent or guardian to pick up the student.

    Please keep in mind that situations where students are not met by a parent or guardian when it is required cause delays to the rest of the route. Therefore, if preschool or kindergarten students are returned more than three times in a quarter, they will lose their afternoon bus riding privileges for the remaining nine weeks.