• New: Transportation Changes for 2024-2025 School Year

    The School Board approved the below changes on May 28, 2024. Watch the meeting livesteam on Facebook.

    Roanoke City Public Schools will make several changes to transportation for the 2024-2025 school year to improve transportation reliability, including changes to start and dismissal times.

    The School Board approved the following changes on May 28, 2024, which will go into effect in August 2024.

New Changes

  • New Start & Dismissal Times

  • Alternative Service Routes for STEAM, PLATO, and Noel C. Taylor Learning Academy

  • Afterschool/Daycare Transportation

  • Walking Zones/Family Responsibility Zones

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Since RCPS has hired a new transportation vendor, why do additional changes need to be made?

  • Did Zum provide input on the schedule changes?

  • How was it determined which elementary schools would be in Tier 1 vs. Tier 2?

  • If the earliest start time moves up 15 minutes to 7 a.m., will students have to be at their bus stop even earlier and wait in the dark?

  • How will Alternative Service Routes for PLATO, STEAM, and Noel C. Taylor Learning Academy work?

  • How many students will be impacted by the PLATO and STEAM changes?

  • How many students would be impacted if the School Board approved the recommendation to discontinue transportation for students who attend a commercial afterschool/daycare business that is out of the student’s school zone?

  • The survey distributed to families and staff in February was vague. Why did it not provide specific recommendations?

  • How many bus drivers are needed?

  • What is a Family Responsibility Zone?

  • How would extracurriculars and athletics, especially at the middle school level, be impacted if the bell times change?

  • How will the changes impact Parks and Recreation Programs?

  • For More Information

    In the video below, Chief Operations Officer Chris Perkins provides an overview of the city’s geography and history that present unique challenges in regard to transportation. Mr. Perkins has been in public service for more than 30 years in Roanoke City, including as a former Roanoke Police Chief, and he has an in-depth understanding of the city’s geography and infrastructure.

    You may watch the video below or click "Watch on YouTube" to view the video full-size, and download the PowerPoint Mr. Perkins references to view the maps he discusses in full size.