• Durham Bus Tracker

    Durham Bus Tracker is an application (app) developed to help improve communication with families. This app will securely allow parents/guardians to view the location of their child(ren)’s bus in relation to their assigned bus stop as well as provide information about their routes, in near real-time, including the scheduled arrival time of each stop. The application is user friendly and available at no additional charge (mobile carrier data charges may still apply).

    Read the FAQs below for more information.

    Download the Bus Tracker for Apple Devices

    Download the Bus Tracker for Android Devices


  • How does DBT work?

  • How much does DBT cost?

  • Is DBT secure?

  • Do we have to use DBT?

  • What platform does DBT run on?

  • Is DBT going to track my child(ren)?

  • If I have more than one child, can I view all of them on DBT?

  • Is the data real-time?

  • Will SBT send notifications when a bus is running late?

  • How do I set up DBT?

  • How does the DBT work when my child is on a substitute bus?

  • Troubleshooting FAQ