• Student Teaching

    We invite college students to become a student teacher, intern, or complete their practicum with Roanoke City Public Schools!

    All practicum, student teacher, and/or intern applicants must be enrolled in a Virginia Department of Education approved college/university education program, with field supervisors provided by their college/university. The higher education institute must also have a current contact and memorandum of understanding on file with Roanoke City Public Schools. All arrangements to accept student teachers are made through Human Resources in conjunction with the student's higher education placement offices. This includes all observations, practicum, intern, and student teaching requests.  

    If suitable placements can be made, the Director of Recruitment and Retention will communicate with building-level administration to secure an appropriate cooperative teacher assignment.  The college is then notified of placement information. Since interns will be working directly with Roanoke City students, the following items are required at the intern’s expense:

    • Background Check Clearance
    • CPS check
    • Drug Screen
    • Orientation completed by RCPS Human Resources
  • Request placement in RCPS:

    Director of Recruitment and Retention
    Angela Wimberly
    (540) 853-2276 | awimberly@rcps.info 

    Recruitment and Retention is part of Human Resources, which is led by:
    Kim Brown
    Kim Brown
    Executive Director of Human Resources
    (540) 853-2502 | kimberleebrown@rcps.info 

    Human Resources reports to:
    Dominick McKee
    Dominick McKee
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    (540) 853-2502 | dmckee@rcps.info