• RCPS Education Foundation

    The Roanoke City Public Schools Education Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes with emphasis on promoting, assisting and encouraging educational activities and endeavors of every kind and description, of, for, or connected with, the Roanoke City Public Schools, their administrators, teachers and students, alone or in cooperation with governmental or other private bodies or agencies.

    Additionally, the Foundation's purposes are to develop alternative financial resources; enhance and diversify educational opportunities; stimulate school administration and teaching methods; develop and promote interest in education; solicit, use and administer gifts, grants, bequests and devises for the stated purposes; and develop and promote an alumni association for Roanoke City Public School graduates in order to support the purposes of the Foundation.

    The Foundation's purpose is not to replace local, state and federal funding in any way. The Foundation exists to partner with individuals, community groups, and corporations for enhancing excellence in the RCPS. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation is a separate entity from the RCPS.

    Donations made payable to "Roanoke City Schools Education Foundation, Inc." may be sent to the Foundation c/o Office of the Superintendent at P.O. Box 13145, Roanoke 24031. For information regarding a new initiative to sustain the Arts in Roanoke City Schools, visit the foundation's website.

    Vision Statement

    The Roanoke City Public Schools Education Foundation is a diverse group of citizens who support the Roanoke City Public Schools division in its efforts to provide a strong public education system to prepare students for the world of work. To support the school division in offering the children of Roanoke City Public Schools the best education possible, the Foundation will strive to:
    • Promote the value of education.
    • Engage the community in efforts to support division goals and objectives.
    • Ensure all students have equal opportunity to participate in the total school environment.
    • Encourage school and community collaboration to promote opportunities for mentorships, sponsorships, and research partnerships.
    • Support applications for grants and other awards.
    • Showcase the positive accomplishments of students, teachers, and the school division.


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