• Student Fees

    The School Board charges student fees and takes action to recover funds for the loss of or damage to School Board property in accordance with state and federal law. No fee may be charged unless it has been approved by the School Board.

    The School Board provides, free of charge, such textbooks as are required for courses of instruction for each child attending public schools. Consumable materials such as workbooks, writing books, and drawing books may be purchased by the School Board and either provided to students at no cost or sold to students at a retail price not to exceed seven percent added to the publisher’s price. If sold, the School Board shall ensure that workbooks, writing books, and drawing books are furnished to students who are unable to afford them at a reduced price or free of charge. Fees will not be charged to students for instructional materials, textbooks, or other materials used by a School Board employee that are not directly used by a public school student.

    The School Board will approve a full schedule of fees annually by July 15. Please view School Board Policy JN-BR for the full list of fees, and School Board Policy JN for the full policy related to student fines, fees, and charges.