• Hazel Health: Virtual Mental & Physical Health Services

    Students learn best when they feel best and can attend class daily. Roanoke City Public Schools partners with Hazel Health to support students' physical and mental well-being without any out-of-pocket costs for families.

    Students can speak with a therapist and see a medical provider from the convenience of school or the comfort of home with the parent/guardian's consent. 

    Mental Health Services

    Students can meet with a licensed therapist virtually for a therapy appointment. Services are available at school and at home and are at no cost to families.

    Hazel Health services include:

    • Scheduled therapy appointments: Therapy can help students cope with what they’re feeling, such as behavior changes, anxiety, bullying, withdrawal, grief, peer and family relationships, depression, or stress.
    • Licensed therapists: Hazel Health therapists are bilingual, diverse and are experts in the needs of children and teens.
    • Care coordination: If additional services are needed outside of Hazel Health services, Hazel will help connect you to local resources.

    Request a therapy appointment for your student by calling Hazel Health at 1-800-76-HAZEL (42935).

    Learn more and sign up: my.hazel.co/rcps. Families will be asked to consent to both physical health and mental health services at the same time.

    Physical Health Services

    Hazel Health now offers same-day pediatric care, too!

    With Hazel Health, all students can speak with a medical provider from school or home, at no cost to families. When students are not feeling well and are not able to see a doctor, they often miss school. Hazel Health provides students with the medical care they need, so they don’t have to miss school. 

    Physical health services include:

    • Treatment recommendations: For stomachaches, headaches, pink eye, minor injuries, allergies, and everything in between 
    • Medication: Prescriptions sent to your pharmacy
    • Coordination: To family primary care provider or other appropriate referrals to ensure students continue to receive care

    Please note, Hazel Health will not provide care related to sexual or reproductive health. In addition, Hazel cannot complete sports or annual physicals and cannot administer vaccinations. 

    Learn more and sign up: my.hazel.co/rcps. Parents/guardians must fill out a consent form for students to receive services. Submit a consent form today, so students are ready to receive services as soon as they need it!

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