• In Roanoke City Public Schools, we keep our students at the center of every conversation, decision, initiative, and in everything we do. Our mission, vision, core beliefs, and theory of action guide our work.

    Mission: Roanoke City Public Schools provides an inclusive and equitable, student-centered culture that empowers lifelong learning. Through meaningful, relevant, and engaging learning opportunities, we will empower all students to dream, excel, and meet their full potential to benefit our city and its citizens.

    Vision: To provide all students with a strong educational foundation that enables them to become lifelong learners and contributing members and leaders of the global community.

    Core Beliefs:

    • We put students first. 
    • We embrace equity and celebrate diversity. 
    • We value effective, high-quality instruction. 
    • We value our community. 
    • We value YOU!

    Theory of Action
    In Roanoke City Public Schools, our theory of action is to graduate our students with a diploma and a resume of skills and experiences that are based on effective daily instruction and relationship building. It is also steeped in our values of:

    • Equity
    • Collective teacher efficacy
    • Community engagement and involvement
    • Organizational trust

    These practices will be evident in a literacy-rich learning environment for all students.

Elementary teacher works with three students who are working on a project using an ipad.