• At Morningside Elementary School, we utilize Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). We believe that you cannot punish skills into a child because you must teach the skills needed to be a responsible, respectful, contributing citizens. We will teach and reinforce our schoolwide expectations and routines, The Cub Way, as well as individual classroom routines throughout the school year.

    To celebrate students who are "caught being good" by following The Cub Way or going above and beyond, we will recognize students with a positive office referral known as a Cub Cudos. Students who receive a Cub Cudos will have their name and good behavior announced during morning announcements, and they will receive Cub Cash to spend at our Cub Cart. The Cub Cart visits classrooms twice a month. 

    We hope all our Cubs will keep ROARing (be Respectful, be On task, Always work hard, be Responsible)!  


    In the files below, you will find more information about our Schoolwide Discipline Plan.