• Master Barbering I

    R8740 (2 Credits) 

    Grades 10, 11

    In this introductory course students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in a clinical lab setting using mannequins and live models for manipulative practice.  The program emphasizes personal safety, professionalism, scalp and hair care, hair cutting, styling, lightening, and coloring, shaving and barbershop management.  

    Master Barber II 

    R8741 (2 Credits) 

    Grade 11,12

    In this continuing course, students build on the knowledge and skills for the Master Barber I. Students will apply their knowledge kills in a clinical lab setting, using mannequins and live models for manipulative practice.  The program emphasizes skills in the areas of safety, professionalism, hair cutting, styling, shaving, barbershop managment, and chemical service procedures.  

    Master Barber III 

    R8742 (2 Credits) 

    Grade 12 

    In this advanced course, students build on thier theoretical foundation of general sciences and practices in barbering to increase proficiency in hair cutting and styling on live models, with attention to professionalism, client consultation, safety, and infection control. Students are trained in safe chemical processes related to chemical texture services and advanced hair coloring techniques. They also develop artistic skills with wigs and hair additions. An advanced management unit focuses on creating a barbershop business plant. Completion of this course prepares the student for Virginia State Licensing Exam. Students enrolling in Level III must have successfully completed Level I and Level II competencies and have permission for the course instructor. Master Barber students that have successfully completed a minimum of 840 hours of instruction and completed all three years with a B average will be eligible to sit for the Board of Barbers and Cosmetology licensing examination. 

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