• NEW - VDOE Winter Growth Assessments

    The VDOE Winter Growth Assessments were taken by students in grades 3-5 in both reading and mathematics. The reports are now available for families to review. We've included some helpful documents below to guide you through the process.

    Parent Information Letter and Parent Information Letter (Spanish) - This resource will guide you to the correct place to access the Reading and Math score reports for your student(s) and help you know how to read the results.

    The VDOE has provided an overview of the Student Detail by Question (SDBQ) report that shows your student's performance on specific standards of learning.


    The resources linked below will help you know how to read and understand the score report by your student's grade level:

    Grade 3 Winter 2023 Virginia Growth Assessment Parent Guide
    Grade 4 Winter 2023 Virginia Growth Assessment Parent Guide
    Grade 5 Winter 2023 Virginia Growth Assessment Parent Guide

    A vertical score range is provided for each grade level to inform families about student performance. There is no "pass" or "fail" on these assessments. Looking at what range your student's scores match up with will help you understand if your student is generally well-prepared for new grade level content, is at risk of needing additional support, or needs additional support to build foundational skills.

    A student who scores within the "at risk" or "needs additional support" will receive additional tutoring support from our school. Please reach out to your student's teacher to learn more about how we are meeting your student's specific needs. General information about the All-In Tutoring program is available here.