SOL Testing

  • SOL scores will become available for families to review this summer on ParentVUE. If you haven't registered for parent view, this link will show you how.

    Roanoke City Public Schools created a "frequently asked questions" sheet to assist families with how to find and view the SDBQ (student detail by question) report. This means that families will be able to see the breakdown of how students performed on each question and how the questions relate to the learning during the school year.

    The test scaled score, vertical scaled score, and scaled scores for the reporting categories will all help to show a student's performance on the test. 

    An example of the SDBQ report is shown below:

     Sample mock-up of spring SDBQ Report showing how Additional Items will appear on the report

    The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has also provided many resources for families to better understand the score reporting process on their website. Here are two helpful quick links to get you there faster:

    1. Parent and Caregiver Resources for Virginia Assessments

    2. SOL Test Scoring and Performance Reports


    NEW - A new parent report was developed for the Integrated Reading and Writing test. Information about the scoring of the multiple choice/technology enhanced items (TEI) portion of the test as well as a full text of what your child wrote in the short paper portion will be included on this report. An example of that report is included below: