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      Fairview Elementary School Discipline Plan 

    Fairview has implemented the following discipline plan so that our students feel safe, supported, engaged, and connected.    

     Mission Statement: At Fairview, it is our mission to develop the talents and abilities, a love of learning, and great character in our students through high-quality instruction in a safe, inclusive learning environment.​ 

     Vision Statement: Every student will make projected growth on PALS, MAP, and SOL assessments. 

     Core Values: 

    • At Fairview, we as educators and staff will show compassion, understanding, and awareness.  By following these practices, we will create a loving and nurturing environment that fosters a safe space for personal and academic growth for our students. 

    • At Fairview, we believe that all students are capable of growth and high achievement through quality teaching practices, mutual respect, and empathy. 

    • At Fairview, we as administration, teachers, students, and staff will consistently respect each other by listening and communicating in a calm and positive manner. ​We will also instill, encourage, and model school-wide expectations for a successful learning environment. 

     Daily Action Steps: 

     Follow a master schedule that is conducive to building student-teacher and student-student relationships through morning meetings and allows for coordination of services so each student’s needs can be addressed. 

    • Deliver high quality Tier1 and small group instruction using formative and summative data. 

    • Be intentional about operational practices, instructional practices, and resources used so that they are aligned with our vision, mission, and core values. 

    • Deliver targeted intervention by reading specialists, special education teachers, school counselors, and qualified support staff. 

    • Provide a clean, well maintained, and supervised environment. 

    • Provide clear and consistent communication with parents/guardians. 

    • Provide behavioral education, support, and progressive discipline to help students understand and adhere to schoolwide expectations. 


    Schoolwide SOAR Expectations

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    Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports: The schoolwide program provides positive opportunities for students adhering to S.O.A.R expectations. These opportunities include field trips, classroom privileges and rewards, SCA, and monthly incentives: 

    Admin provided monthly incentives will occur on the last Friday of the month: 

    • Dances 

    • Ice Cream Socials 

    • Flag Football Game 

    • Student/Staff Kickball Game 

    • Movie Day 

    • Field Day 

    • Dress Up Days 

    Teachers provide their own daily and/or weekly incentives.   

    Progressive Discipline Plan: Fairview Elementary School expects our students to maintain a high standard of conduct at all times.  We will implement a progressive discipline plan, as it becomes necessary, to enable us to fulfill the school’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values.  We focus on providing clear expectations, proactive strategies, and having a trauma-informed response using restorative practices with logical consequences and interventions through a Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports.  

    1st occurrence 
    2nd occurrence 
    3rd occurrence 
    Major Offense 
    Verbal warning and Intervention. Fill out purple form and parent notification 

    Intervention, teacher corrective action, document on purple form and parent notification 


    Intervention, different/additional teacher corrective action, document on purple form and parent notification/conference 

    Administrative referral with required documentation—Disciplinary Report, Behavior Tracking Form (purple) 
    Actions required 
    Actions Required 
    Actions Required 
    Actions Required 
    • Reminder of rules 

    • Conference with student 

    • Parent Contact 

    • Reminder of rules 

    • Conference with student 

    • Parent Contact 

    • Reminder of rules 

    • Conference with student 

    • Parent Contact 

    • Loss of privileges 

    • Refer to admin  

    • SBAR