The art teacher, Mr. Prim, dreamed up an amazing collaborative display for our front entrance.

"Good moral character is the first essential in a man." -George Washington

  • 5 benefits to supporting character strengths schoolwide at Highland Park

    • This year, we are excited to introduce the Hawk of the Week!

      In order to promote a positive learning environment, our school is highlighting a character trait or affirmation each week that is discussed and practiced in the classrooms. Teachers and staff members nominate a student who they believe went above and beyond upholding or growing the highlighted character trait as their classroom "Hawk of the Week". We aren't looking for perfection when nominating students; moreover, we are looking to recognize the growth we see in a student throughout the week.

      The selected students' names are announced on Friday mornings. The principal meets these students in the cafeteria to celebrate why they were selected and take a picture all together. For many of our staff members, seeing the big smiles and hearing the classroom cheers is the highlight of our week!

      We've worked on some amazing character traits so far this year: Gratitude, Kindness, Making a Difference, Perserverance, Self-Control, Don't Give Up

      Check the monthly school newsletter starting in November to learn each month's upcoming character traits/affirmations. Take time each week to talk to your student(s) about our featured character trait and if they can think of a time so far this year that they or their classmates have done a great job showing the trait while taking care of themselves, taking care of each other, and taking care of this place.