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Fleming and Kroger Community Rewards Program

Fleming PTSA and Kroger
Partner in the 
Kroger Community Rewards Program

Once again this year, the William Fleming Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA) is partnering with Kroger in the Kroger Community Rewards Program.  The Fleming PTSA, administration, faculty, staff and students encourage the Fleming community to participate.  The program helps to support and give the money back to the PTSA and school and doesn't affect any Kroger points you may earn. 

To participate in the program simply do the following:

1.  Visit
2.  Sign in to your account or create an account.
3.  Enter your Kroger Plus Number
4.  Click on enroll under community rewards
5.  Locate William Fleming High School PTSA or enter 84158
6.  Click "Save."
7.  Or call 1-800-576-4377 press #3 to register.

You will start earning rewards for William Fleming PTSA immediately.  Your enrollment in the Kroger Community Rewards will not affect your Kroger Plus Rewards Points.