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What's New at RCPS
Posted on 02/08/2022
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Welcome to What’s New at RCPS! 
On this page you will find quick, time-sensitive announcements. For full-length news stories, visit our RCPS Newsroom. For our monthly newsletter, visit The Star NewsIf you have questions or suggestions, please email [email protected].

Virtual Town Halls

Superintendent White held two virtual town halls during the last week of October, one for staff and one for students and families. Click here to watch the Student & Family Town Hall and access answers to FAQs.

Join the Roanoke City Retired Educators Association
Roanoke City Retired Educators Association is open to all retired RCPS teachers, administrators and classified employees.

Emergency Broadband Benefit/Beneficio de Banda Ancha de Emergencia

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has launched the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program. The EBB program is a temporary federal program to help eligible households pay for Internet service during the pandemic. Please note: When applying for pandemic assistance such as EBB, please be sure to disclose any other pandemic-related services you are already receiving in order to ensure eligibility compliance. This includes using school-provided hot spots. Families may contact their preferred participating broadband provider, call (833) 511-0311, or click here for more information.

La Comisión Federal de Comunicaciones (FCC) ha lanzado el programa de Beneficio de Banda Ancha de Emergencia (EBB). El programa EBB es un programa federal temporal para ayudar a los hogares elegibles a pagar el servicio de Internet durante la pandemia. Las familias pueden comunicarse con su proveedor de banda ancha participante preferido, llamar al (833) 511-0311 o hacer clic aquí para obtener más información. Tenga en cuenta: cuando solicite asistencia para una pandemia como EBB, asegúrese de revelar cualquier otro servicio relacionado con la pandemia que ya esté recibiendo para garantizar el cumplimiento de la elegibilidad. Esto incluye hotpsot (caja de internet) proporcionados por la escuela.

Plan for Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services

Click here to view more information on our plan for safe return to in-person instruction as well as continuity of services.

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