Walk the Plank at Westside
Posted on 09/22/2017
Four Westside Elementary staff members wearing pirate outfits while holding a book.Westside Elementary students discovered it pays to read!  For the last several weeks, the entire school has been reading the children's book "Ellray Jakes Walks the Plank."  Teachers have been reading the book outloud for fifteen to twenty minutes each day.  It is part of the One School, One Book initiative. 

There was an extra incentive for students to then read on their own.  Principal Poff agreed to walk the plank to reward the students who read the most books at home.  To help celebrate, teachers and students wore their best pirate getup and headed outside to the dunk tank.

Dr. Poff was all smiles in the beginning in her pirate outfit.  Students who read the most books had one chance to throw the ball and hopefully hit the bullseye.  It didn't take long for Dr. Poff to make a big splash!  Enjoy the pictures below.

Westside's prinicpal falling off the dunk booth, about to drop into the water.Dr. Poff's head still above water as she enters the dunk boothWestside student wearing a pirate patch on their eyeWestside  student dressed as a pirate holding the book "Ellray Jakes walks the Plank."Three Westside teachers dressed as piratesDr. Poff soaked, looking at the camera smiling.

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