The 80s are back at Madison!
Posted on 01/16/2019
Two teachers and four students holding rubix's cubesIt was all the rage in the early 1980s.  Now, the Rubix's Cube is popular least at James Madison Middle School.

Anna Halsdorf picked up the Rubix's Cube about three years ago.  She can solve the puzzle in about 14 seconds!  At the beginning of the school year, she asked one of her teachers if Madison could start a Rubix's Cube Club. 

The advisors thought the club would attract a few students.  Right now, more than 80 students meet bi-weekly before school starts.  During the meetings, students compete to see who can solve the Rubix's Cube the quickest.

Four students qualified for a world-wide competition at Virginia Tech because they can solve it in less than thirty seconds.  Anna placed 19th overall in the competition.  Congrats!

The Club was featured in The Roanoke Times.  Click here to read the article

Anna holding a Rubix CubeMadison looking into the camera while holding a Rubix's CubeMadison student working on the Rubix cubeMadison student solving the Rubix's Cube at a table

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