Red Ribbon Week 2017
Posted on 10/25/2017
Addison principal with two teachers dressed as superheroes.Teachers and students came together to say no to drugs!  This year's theme for Red Ribbon Week was "Your future is key to stay drug-free."  Red Ribbon Week is sponsored by the Roanoke Area Youth Substance Abuse Coalition (RAYSAC).

Many of our elementary and middle schools held special events and themes to highlight the importance of staying away from drugs and alcohol.

Scroll down to look at pictures from our schools. 

Crystal Spring students wearing Virginia Tech jerseys for Red Ribbon WeekFour Crystal Spring students wearing team jerseys to "team up against drugs."Group of Garden City students with their teacher wearing red for Red Ribbon WeekTwo Garden City students wearing red shirts for Red Ribbon WeekThree Fallon Park staff members wearing pajamas for Red Ribbon WeekA group of Fallon Park students wearing pajamas to show "our dreams are better without drugs."Morningside Elementary student wearing a black bandana around his headMorningside Elementary teacher and student wearing bandanas around their head to show "Band together against drugs."Jackson Middle School teachers wearing pajamas for Red Ribbon WeekTwo Jackson Middle school students wearing cow pajamasGroup of Monterey students with their teacher wearing hats for Hat DayMonterey student wearing a hat for Hat DayTwo Preston Park students wearing soccer shirts for Red Ribbon WeekPreston Park principal and school secretary wearing team jerseys for Red Ribbon WeekTwo Westside students wearing team jerseys for Red Ribbon WeekA westside teacher and student wearing jerseys to "Team up against drugs."Fairview Elementary teacher with his students wearing team jerseysFairview's assistant principal and teacher wearing New England Patriots shirtsGrandin Court teacher with her students wearing team jerseys for Red Ribbon WeekA group of Grandin Court students with their teacher wearing team jerseysFour Fishburn Park students wearing neon colors and sunglasses for REd Ribbon WeekA group of Fishburn Park students wearing sunglasses and bright colors for Red Ribbon WeekAdministrative team at James Madison Middle dressed as Snow White and the 7 dwarfsJames Madison Middle School students dressed as Dr. Seuss characters for Red Ribbon WeekTwo Virginia Heights students wearing squid hats for Hat DayTwo preschool students from Wasena Elementary wearing hats for Hat DayThree Virginia Heights students dressed as superheroes for Red Ribbon WeekThree Virginia Heights teachers wearing superman t-shirtsThree Hurt Park students dressed in red for Red Ribbon WeekGroup of Hurt Park students wearing red for Red Ribbon WeekRoanoke Academy teacher posing with a student who is dressed as RobinRoanoke Academy teacher and student wearing Batman shirtsLucy Addison teacher and two students dressed as superheroes for Red Ribbon WeekLucy Addison's administrative team wearing superhero t-shirtsTwo Round Hill students wearing ties for Red Ribbon WeekThree Round Hill students wearing dresses for "Dress for Success Day"
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