Penny Wars at Wasena Elementary
Posted on 02/22/2018
Group of Wasena Elementary students holding jars full of changeThey are literally counting every penny at Wasena Elementary.  It's for a good cause.  The school is holding Penny Wars to raise money for the Help the Homeless Fund.

Each day, students are bringing in their spare change.  Containers are located in each classroom.  Silver coins, like nickels, dimes, and quarters count as positive points.  Pennies are negative.  So dropping 40 pennies into another classroom's container takes 40 points from the total.  Penny Wars are supporting a good cause and makes for a good math lesson.

The classroom with the most points will win a pizza party with Principal Burton. 

Students have already raised more than $600!  Students will participate in a check presentation during the next Help the Homeless Fundraiser.  On March 20, there will be a Students vs. Faculty Basketball Game at Patrick Henry High School.  It begins at 6 p.m.

Congratulations Wasena students and THANK YOU!

Two Wasena students sitting in front of a table full of changeWasena student holding a $20 billWasena student holding a bunch of change in the palm of her handsWasena Elementary student counting change at a table
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