New playground at Wasena Elementary
Posted on 11/15/2017
Wasena Elementary teacher standing with her students in front of the new playground"I feel like Spider-man," said one Wasena Elementary student.  The pyramid rope climber is one of the new features of Wasena's brand new playground.  Students say the rope climber feels like being caught in a spider web.  The playground's theme is "let's climb" since it features several climbing pieces.

Principal Burton says students and staff are excited about the new playground because every student can now use it.  The old playground was only for K-2 students.  The older students had to play on the black top.  Because of that, 5th graders were the first to try out the new equipment!

Wasena student with his hands in the air about to go down the slideWasena student using the pyramid rope climberWasena student smiling at the end of the slidePrincipal Burton and two teachers going down the slidePrincipal Burton getting off the slidewide shot of the new playground
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