Life Saving Training
Posted on 03/06/2018
William Fleming High School student posing in front of a Life Saving StationSaving a life is much easier than you may think.  In fact, it takes a just a few steps in just a few minutes.  That was the message behind Stop the Bleed training held at William Fleming High School.

Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign.  The goal is to teach people how to help stop the bleeding before professional helps arrive.  Locally, Carilion Clinic is providing the training to more than a dozen middle and high schools in the Roanoke Valley. 

At William Fleming, Health Assistance Students learned how to apply tourniquets and pack a wound.  These life-saving skills can be applied in under three minutes.  That is the key because it can sometimes take up to ten minutes before an ambulance arrives. 

This same class will be taught to selected students at Patrick Henry High School and ROTEC.  Carilion Clinic also donates a wall station with supplies and instructions for responding to bleeding emergencies.

Fleming student applying bandages to another student in the upper armCarilion Clinic nurse teaching the classHealth Assistance students learning how to dress a woundFleming student posing with the wall station to be placed inside the school
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