Hurt Park's new gym
Posted on 03/12/2018
The gym teacher at Hurt Park Elementary posting with several students outside on the blacktopThere has been plenty of progress on the new gym for Hurt Park Elementary.  Crews have been busy installing the walls around the new facility.  The project is slightly ahead of schedule.  The new gym is being built on a parcel of land to the right of the playground.  Take a look at these pictures.  They were taken March 7. 

A picture of the new gym at Hurt Park ELementary
A side view of the new gym.  It shows the blue parimeter walls

The new gym will be ready for use by April.  Crews will return in the summer to install the wooden floor.  The facility will be a stand alone structure.  It will be used for the school and the larger community.  

Right now, gym classes are held outside or in the school cafeteria.  Scheduling can be tricky, especially during testing.

The site of the new Hurt Park Elementary gym.  It shows piles of dirt and a black fence around the siteSite plans at Hurt Park Elementary.  The new gym is represented by a blue structureThe new Hurt Park gym, shows the concrete foundationA picture of the new Hurt Park gym, third week into the projectThe steel columns up at the new Hurt Park gymThe new gym rising above the current schoolPicture of the new Hurt Park gym, concrete walls are being installedPicture of the new gym from the playground
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