Highland Park Elementary on the Go!
Posted on 10/15/2018
Highland Park students with Principal Crummey and Ms. Pruett at the Go Outside FestivalYou could see the excitement on their faces. 5th graders from Highland Park Elementary's Student Leadership Team went to the annual Go Outside Festival in Roanoke.   As students waited in line for the obstacle course, they had plenty of confidence.  After being locked into a safety hazard, they climbed the stairs for their mission--complete several tasks in the obstacle course.

Half-way through the course, students clearly had become nervous.  It wasn't exactly as easy as it looked.  After plenty of encouragement from Principal Crummey and Ms. Pruett, each student emerged victorious.

Ms. Pruett says that was the point.  The students learned overcoming their fears is a trait of a good leader.  Way to go!

Highland Park student with his mouth open by clinging to some ropesHighland Park student looking at the camera while on the obstacle courseHighland Park student in the ropes part of the obstacle courseHighland Park students with their arms in the air at the Go Outside Festival
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