Help the Homeless Dodgeball Tournament
Posted on 11/18/2018
James Madison Middle School students holding the trophy after winning the tournamentThe Community supported our homeless students in a very big way.  Hundreds turned out for the 1st annual Help the Homeless Dodgeball Tournament at Patrick Henry High School. 

26 teams competed on four courts for more than three hours.  When it was all said and done, "The Average Joes" of James Madison Middle School were the winning team. 

The entire event raised more than $10,000 for the Help the Homeless Fund.  Staff members from John P. Fishwick raised more than $1,000.  The school that raised the most money collectively was Woodrow Wilson Middle.

Thank you to Erika Hackworth of Woodrow Wilson Middle.  She came up with the idea and organized the event.  The Tournament was sponsored by Woodrow Wilson's Junior National Honor Society as well as the STAR Council.

We greatly appreciate all the volunteers who made this event run successfully.  Thank you to SodexoMAGIC for donating all the food.  100% of the proceeds from admissions and concessions benefit the Help the Homeless Fund.

The team from John P. Fishwick MiddleTwo student teams from Woodrow Wilson Middle posing as a groupStudent throwing the dodgeballJamie Nichols of Lucy Addison taking a picture with her childThe Lucy Addison Middle School team posing in the gymVolunteers inside the concession boothErika Hackworth announcing the winnersA team raising the trophy in the air

Court 1 (main gym) Court 2 (main gym) Court 3 (auxiliary gym) Court 4 (auxiliary gym)
2:00-2:07 Addison vs. Breckinridge 1 Fishwick vs. Fleming Monterey vs. VA Heights Fallon Park vs. Morningside
2:11-2:18 The Dodgefathers vs. Snoop Dodge The Dirty Bubble vs. Grease Monkeys The Fruit Stickers vs. The Neck Boys The Dodgers vs. The average joes
2:22-2:29 RAMS vs. Hurt Park School of Hard Knocks vs. Central Office Breckinridge 2 vs. Morningside Addison vs. Fleming
2:33-2:41` Averages joes vs. Skillz that Killz The Vahalla Warriors vs. The dodgefathers PH Teen Republicans vs. The Dirty Bubble The Neck Boys vs. Sour squad
2:45-2:52 Breckinride 1 vs. Breckinridge 2 Fishwick vs. Woodrow RAMS vs. Fallon Park School of Hard Knocks vs. Grandin
2:56-3:03 Sour Squad vs. Snoop Dodge Skillz that Killz vs. The fruit Stickers Grease Monkeys vs. The Dodgefathers The Dodgers vs. The Dirty Bubble
3:07-3:14 VA Heights vs. School of Hard Knocks Cental Office vs. Woodrow Grandin vs. Monterey Hurt Park vs. RAMS
3:18-3:25 The Dodgers vs. PH Teen Republicans Skillz that Killz vs. The Neck Boys The average joes vs. The Vahalla Warriors Sour Squad vs. Grease Monkeys
3:29-3:36 Breckinridge 2 vs. Fallon Park Morningside vs. Monterey Breckinridge 1 vs. Fishwick Hurt Park vs. Woodrow
3:40-3:47 Grandin vs. Addison Central Office vs. Fleming Fruit stickers vs. The Vahalla Warriors PH Teen Republicans vs. Snoop Dodge

VA Heights vs. Woodrow (Starts as soon as 3:40 match ends on 1 or 2)


3:57-4:05 Teacher 1 vs. 8 Teacher 3 vs. 6 Teachers 2 vs. 7 Teacher 4 vs. 5
4:09-4:16 Students 1 vs. 8 Students 3 vs. 6 Student 2 vs. 7 Students 4 vs. 5

Semi Finals

4:21-4:28 Student Winner 1 vs. 8 vs. Student Winner 3 vs. 6 Teacher Winner 2 vs. 7 vs. Teacher Winner 4 vs. 5 Teacher Winner 1 vs. 8 vs. Teacher Winner 3 vs. 6 Student Winner 2 vs. 7 vs. Student Winner 4 vs. 5


4:35-4:42 Teacher Semi Finals Winners

4:46-4:53 Student Semi Finals Winners

Grand Finals (Teacher vs. Student)

5:00-5:07 Teacher vs. Student Grand Finals

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