Greek Olympics at Preston Park Elementary
Posted on 02/12/2018
Principal Fisher dressed as Zeus and several Preston Park students dressed as Greek OlympiansSouth Korea isn't the only one hosting the Olympic Games.  Preston Park Elementary is hosting its own version, but with a twist!  Third graders are learning about Ancient Greek so the school held its very own Greek Olympics.

The students competed in various activities but with modern tools.  For example, for the chariot races students used foam noodles rather than actual horses.  Frisbees replaced discs for the disc throw. 

As in Ancient Greek times, the winners received an olive wreath.  The original Olympics were held in 776 B.C. to honor Zeus.  So it only made sense for Zeus to place the wreaths on each Olympian at Preston Park Elementary.

Preston Park student throwing a frisbee in the Greek OlympicsPreston Park Elementary students using foam noodles during chariot racesThree Preston Park teachers dressed as Anicent GreeksPreston Park student receiving his olive wreath on his head for winning the competition
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