Game On at Lucy Addison Middle
Posted on 01/08/2019
Group of Addison students posing with gaming cardsAt Lucy Addison Middle School, 6th graders are encouraged to play least after school.  The Gaming Club is the newest addition at Addison.

Mr. Good noticed students often played card games at lunch.  He thought an after school club was a great way to bring these students together.  About 12 students meet once a week to play various games, socialize, and learn a thing or two.

The Gaming Club helps students with math, reading comprehension, and develop problem solving skills.  The students are doing so well, Mr. Good plans to register them for a tournament in the spring.

Lucy Addison student holding a deck of Pokemon cardsLucy Addison student playing PokemonAddison student smiling while playing a card gameAddison student looking at his cards

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