Galaxy Explorers
Posted on 01/23/2018
Westside Elementary holding up the windmill turbine she createdIf you set foot on another planet, would you know what to do?  That very reality is facing all third graders in Roanoke City Public Schools.

Students are taking part in a Galaxy Explorers adventure at the Science Museum of Western Virginia.  They are learning how to set up a colony on another planet, perhaps in another solar system.

While at the museum, students visit various stations in the planetarium, maker lab, and the hidden garden.  They discover how herbivores and carnivored interact in the biosphere.  Students also create their wind turbines to produce electricity.  They are essentially learning what it takes to survive.

These are pictures from Westside Elementary's trip to the Science Museum.

Westide Elementary student holding a microscope to her eye inside the Butterfly GardenWestside ELementary student smiling as he builds a wind turbineWestside Elementary standing in front of a yellow butterfly art pieceWestside Elementary displaying her wind turbine
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