Emergency Drill
Posted on 02/12/2020
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School safety is our number one priority.  On Friday, February 14, Roanoke City Schools joined forces with the City of Roanoke, emergency personnel, area law enforcement, and Carilion for an emergency drill.  Since this was a Professional Development Day for staff (no school for students), no students were involved. 

This year’s exercise focused on the reunification process.  During a true emergency, our goal is to reunite you with your children as quickly as possible.  However, it is going to require some time and patience on your part.  It is never too early to start preparing.  We ask for our family’s assistance in the following three ways if we have an emergency at a school:

Stay Home- we know the natural instinct as a parent/guardian during an emergency is to come to the school.  You may endanger yourself and your child.

Stay informed- The District will provide timely information with instructions through robo calls, text messages, our social media channels, and the local news media.

Be ready- we will provide the location to reunite with your children.  It will be crucial that you bring a picture ID.  District personnel must identify the appropriate parent/guardian before releasing children.  We can only release students to individuals listed on the emergency card.

We know these are difficult conversations.  But we must be prepared to ensure student safety.

Team from William Fleming posing together at the DrillEmergency personnel huddling together during the DrillMedia room during the DrillBriefing for the drill

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