Dream Big at Round Hill Elementary
Posted on 09/24/2018
Two Round Hill students standing in front of a Dream Big bulletin board.The district's theme this year is 'Dream Big.'  So we were delighted to see it plastered on the wall at Round Hill Elementary.

Since Round Hill is known as the Rockets, you could say each student wished upon a star.  They wrote their dreams in yellow stars that are now hanging with a sign that says 'Dream Big.'

The responses are inspiring.  One student wants to be a leader; another wishes to be the best artist ever.  Several want to be doctors and dancers.

Some of the dreams are funny.  Our favorites:  1.  Rule the World  2.  Be a successful Youtuber 3.  Drive my mom's car

What are your dreams?  Great job Round Hill students.

Star that says I want to be the best artist ever
Shot of stars on the wall at Round Hill ELementary

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