Pleasant surprise for RCPS teachers
Posted on 03/29/2018
Picture of boxes of crayonsChristmas came early for teachers across the country.  Ripple, a San Francisco based technology company, donated $29 million to to fund classroom projects.

In Roanoke City Public Schools, the donation benefited 47 projects.  The total donation to RCPS was $28,239.

As you might imagine, our teachers were happy and surprised by the news.  Here is a sample of the funded projets:

Three teachers from Morningside Elementary standing together
Three Morningside Elementary Teachers had their projects funded.  Ms. Linberry (from left to right) will receive toys for her pre-school classroom.  Ms Montano's students are getting new writing materials.  Ms. Futrell's students will soon be receiving new bean bag chairs.

Ms. Duffey of Fairview Elementary
Ms. Duffey's class at Fairview Elementary is getting chromebooks.  "I am thrilled.  You put the requests on there and you never know if they will be funded," said Ms. Duffey.

Ms. LeNeave at Roanoke Academy
The donation will fund Ms. LeNeave's request for iPads for her science class at Roanoke Academy.

Ms. Hudgins of Round Hill
Ms. Hudgins teaches kindergarten at Round Hill Elementary.  Her students will soon receive various math puzzles and games.  "I couldn't believe it.  I didn't think it was true," said the excited teacher.
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