Breakout boxes at James Madison Middle
Posted on 11/13/2017
Two James Madison Middle School students holding an opened breakout boxEscape rooms are all the rage right now. Teams use their wits to break out of a locked room.  With breakout boxes, the concept is turned inside out.  Instead of a locked room, students must figure out how to get inside a tightly locked box.  At James Madison Middle School, it helps if you read the book!

Seventh graders in Ms. Bryant's English class read "The Outsiders."  They then had to use clues from the book to unlock their breakout box.  It wasn't easy.  There were several puzzles and locks to break open. The winning team completed all the tasks in twenty minutes.

Ms. Bryant says the activity encourages critical thinking and team building.  If a student failed to read the book, they let the entire team down.  It is a treasure hunt these students won't soon forget.

Madison Middle school student holding the book "The Outsiders"Madison Middle School holding a flashlight to a piece of paper with cluesTwo Madison Middle school students studying clues on a wallThe winning team holding an opened breakout box

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