Birdwatching at Fallon Park Elementary
Posted on 08/31/2017
Group shot of Fallon Park students and their teacher in front of birdfeedersBirdwatching is making a comeback, at least at Fallon Park Elementary.  Ms. Heller's second grade class is participating in a nationwide program called Project FeederWatch.

Several birdfeeders have been installed outside the mobile classroom.  Each student has received a pair of binoculars.  Throughout the school day, students are looking out the window, keeping nature journals and identifying birds.  So far, they have seen plenty of Sparrows, Doves, and Cardinals!  A poster on the wall helps students identify and learn about each bird.

Starting in November, the students will collect data for Cornell University.  It will help scientists track movements of winter bird populations. 

Fallon Park student holding her bincoulars in front of a birdfeederStudent looking in the binoculars through a classroom windowFallon Park student in front of a poster that identifies birdsFallon Park student holding a bincoular in front of a birdfeeder

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