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RTI (Response To Invervention)
3 Tiers of Support
Tier 1: Core Classroom Instruction
Tier 2: Targeted Small Group Instruction
Tier 3: Intensive Individual Intervention

High Quality Instruction
Universal Screening
Progress Monitoring
Researched Based Interventions

"For All Students"

Response to Intervention (RtI) is an instructional framework within a school that utilizes all resources in a collaborative manner to provide high quality researched based instruction and interventions guided by student outcome data.  The multi-step process assists classroom teachers in providing quality differentiated instruction and other universal interventions made available to all students at varying levels of instruction.

Laura Kelly, Ed.S
Office of Gifted and Advanced
Academic Programs and RtI
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office (540) 853-1089
fax  (540) 853-1250

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