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Gifted Education Advisory Board
The mission of the Gifted Education Advisory Committee is advocacy for all gifted and talented students. The Committee supports Roanoke City Schools, the Superintendent, and the staff in their efforts on behalf of gifted and talented students; makes recommendations and commendations to the division concerning programming and staff development in order to ensure appropriate education and academic excellence for all gifted and talented students; and serves as a resource for gifted and talented educational information.

The Gifted Education Advisory Committee will meet four times during the school year. The meetings are open to all interested parties. Meeting discussion centers on issues which affect all gifted students in Roanoke City Schools. Individual concerns should be addressed to the classroom teacher, gifted resource teacher, or school principal. Please contact Laura Kelly, Supervisor of Gifted and Advanced Programs, [email protected] or at (540) 853-1089 for further information.

Roanoke City Public Schools 
Local Gifted Plan 
for the
 Education of the Gifted


Groups or individuals wishing to speak to the Gifted Advisory Committee are urged to register in advance with Laura Kelly, ([email protected]). Individuals are given three minutes to speak; officers or spokespersons for organizations are given five minutes to speak. 

40 Douglass Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA 24012 Phone 540-853-2502