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The mission of the Gifted Education program is to identify gifted students of Roanoke City and to provide them with a challenging and enriching educational opportunity.

The philosophy of Roanoke City Public Schools is that the instructional needs of all students will be met, through a variety of programs, on a daily basis as the students progress from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Roanoke City School Board recognizes our responsibility to provide each student with the opportunity to realize his/her potential. To meet this responsibility, programs for gifted students are provided which encourage their exceptional abilities. These programs provide opportunities for students who exhibit aptitude beyond that of their chronological peers in general intellectual or specific academic areas. 

Instructional opportunities are based on a child-centered philosophy and emphasize differentiated instruction, in both city-wide and site-based programs. In response to the economic and cultural diversity of the population, considerable effort is made to include every child who exhibits potential for success. Administrators, teachers and parents work together to provide services to all academically talented students, regardless of economic status, ethnic origin, gender, or physical disability. It is our goal to meet the individual educational needs of every student while encouraging a lifelong love of learning.

Laura Kelly, Ed.S.
Office of Gifted and Advanced
Academic Programs and RtI
[email protected]
office (540) 853-1089
fax  (540) 853-1412

"What educators and psychologists recognize as giftedness in children is really potential giftedness, which denotes promise rather than fulfillment and probabilities rather than certainties about future accomplishments. How high these probabilities are in any given case depends much on the match between a child's budding talents and the kinds of nurturance provided."

Dr. Harry Passow, Expert in Gifted Education

The Gifted Education Program is led by:

Greg Johnston

Executive Director of Academics
(540) 853.2300
[email protected]

Gifted Education is part of the Academics team, which reports to:

Archie Freeman

Chief Academic Officer
(540) 853.6113  |  [email protected]

40 Douglass Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA 24012 Phone 540-853-2502