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Data and Analysis Office
PO Box 13145 / Roanoke, VA 24031
(540) 853.2101/(
540) 853.2103 (fax)

Michael Trussell
[email protected]

Kim Tresky
Assistant Director
[email protected]

Dana Fizer, Testing & Data Specialist, 540.853.1608 
Hannah GuthrieData Analyst, 540.853.1439
Candy Hartsock, Data Assistant, 540.853.1607
Karl Honse, Student Information Systems Analyst, 540.853.1605
Aron Ludwinski, Reporting Lead Analyst, 540.853.6118
Mary-Katherine Schmidt, Division Testing Coordinator 
Brenda Wilson-Taylor, Student Information Systems Lead Analyst, 540.853.1568

The Data and Analysis Office is led by:

Dr. Julie Drewry
Executive Director of Accountability and Assessment
(540) 853.2101  |  [email protected]

Data & Analysis is part of the Academics Team, which reports to:

Archie Freeman
Chief Academic Officer
(540) 853.6113  |  [email protected]

40 Douglass Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA 24012 Phone 540-853-2502