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The handling and disposal of all hazardous materials shall be in accordance with all
EPA and OSHA guidelines. The District Environmental Program Coordinator has the
responsibility for identification and disposal of hazardous materials and should be
contacted through the Building Operations Department at 853-2851.
Asbestos Program Guidelines:
It is the responsibility of Local Educational Agencies to ensure asbestos, inspections, abatement, and
reporting actions comply with provisions of the United States Environmental Protection Agency's
"Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act" (AHERA). Penalties for non- compliance include
fines and/or civil litigation. All facilities of Roanoke City Public Schools have been inspected for
asbestos containing materials and a copy of the inspection report is available during normal working
hours in the office of the Asbestos Program Coordinator, Mike Mundy, located at 250 Reserve Avenue.
Building managers are to make routine observations of asbestos materials identified in
the schools asbestos management plan and immediately notify the Building Operations Department
of any damaged or potentially hazardous conditions. In the event of a severe fiber episode such as
falling asbestos ceiling, the building manager should coordinate with the building principal and secure
the area.
School Principals have the responsibility of keeping staff and faculty aware of matters dealing with
asbestos and abatement process. The school principal should collaborate with the Building
Manager and the Asbestos Program Coordinator on questionable matters prior to initiating any
activities that could damage or disturb asbestos containing materials.
School Maintenance personnel shall remain observant in all maintenance tasks undertaken and advise the asbestos coordinator of any assigned task, which may disturb asbestos containing materials.
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