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Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The Vision of the Roanoke City Public Schools Library Media Services is that:

* All students and staff will use information with skill and discrimination to fulfill their lifelong reading, learning, and knowledge needs.

The Mission of the Roanoke City Public Schools Library Media Services is to:

* build a foundation for lifelong learning through developing information literacy in our students and staffs
* teach and instill a love of literature and reading for information as well as for pleasure
* support teacher-led student learning and discovery
* provide intellectual and physical access to the highest quality information resources in a variety of formats

The goals of the Roanoke City Public Schools Library Media Services are that:

* every student will progress towards becoming an information literate citizen upon graduation
* all students will develop skills and show progress in their learning of information literacy skills
* all students will be introduced to the variety of information resources that support learning and discovery
* all students will be allowed to enjoy the opportunities of discovery, fostering their independent choice of reading and information material in a variety of formats
* each library media specialist will apply the most proficient professional knowledge and skill to the teaching, leading, and guidance of students
* all teaching staff will be supported collaboratively to achieve both library media and classroom instructional goals
* school based library media programs will meet and exceed the overall Roanoke City Public Schools Library Media Service's objectives
* leadership and administration will provide guidance, support, and direction to meet the goals and fulfill the mission of the district program

The Objectives of the Roanoke City Public Schools Library Media Services are that:

* we will support instruction by providing support materials that enhance and reinforce the curriculum
* we will work with peer educators to design learning strategies that meet the needs of individual students while considering the differences in teaching and learning styles, methods, interests, and capacities
* we will promote intellectual access to information for learning through the introduction to and the support of classroom skill based instruction
* we will provide a means to access a variety of information resources for learning and discovery
* we will provide instruction and model resource use that stimulates interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas
* we will teach, guide, and lead students to become independent and successful users, sharers, and creators of information resources
* we will develop, use, and share instructional activities which model and initiate best practices in our discipline
* we will provide a climate that is conducive to learning and discovery
* we will advocate regular, flexible, and equitable access to information, ideas, and resources for learning and discovery
* we will develop and evaluate the collections of the library media program collaboratively with staff, student, community, and other professionals
* we will support and assist teachers in effectively designing and using media for enhancing instructional delivery and presentation
* we will establish the library media program as the focus for integrated and interdisciplinary learning activities and instructional support, making it the hub of our school site
* we will model that the basis for our democracy is founded on the rights of intellectual freedom and responsibility
* the library media program will continue to develop procedure and policy guidance based on legal guidelines, professional ethics, and best practices

40 Douglass Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA 24012 Phone 540-853-2502