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Pharmacy Plan Enhancement


The Right Rx program powered by US-Rx Care may help reduce your out of pocket prescription spending. Right Rx is an innovative program that works with your UnitedHealthcare pharmacy benefit plan to analyze all of your prescription drugs and communicate with your doctor on quality of care and cost-saving opportunities.


Do all employees who are in a medical plan have this enhancement?

  • Yes, Right Rx will review all those on the medical plan to see if there are any cost-saving opportunities available to them.

What do employees do to participate?

  • Respond to Right Rx’s call. At times, US-Rx Care may call to discuss pharmacy care options. Please answer these calls as a prompt reply will provide opportunities to save money.
  • Initiate a call to complete a proactive medication review.  For questions regarding this program, please contact US-Rx Care at 800-241-8440.

What do employees do if they don’t want to participate?

  • This program is voluntary and if Right Rx calls, an employee may elect to participate in the savings opportunity or not.  



Diabetes Health Plan through UnitedHealthcare


The Diabetes Health Plan [DHP] rewards pre-diabetic and diabetic members and their dependents 18 years and older, on our health plans who routinely follow independent, medically proven steps to help manage their diabetes – such as regular blood sugar checks, routine exams and preventive screenings. This plan offers individuals who follow preventive steps the prospect of reducing annual out-of-pocket costs.


Benefits include:

  • Specific diabetes supplies and diabetes-related prescription drugs (as described by the   program) at no charge

  • Lower or no co-payments for doctor related visits with potential savings of up to $500 a year

How do members enroll?

  • Open Enrollment: Enrollment is automatic; however, members will be given an opportunity to opt-out if they wish.

  • After Open Enrollment: If you or your 18 year or older dependent becomes newly diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes after 1/1/23, you have an opportunity to self-enroll. An application to self-enroll is available by going to the RCPS Intranet website: Human Resources, click the “Forms - Benefits” link.  Submit your information to the address on the form.

How can members get more information on this program?


40 Douglass Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA 24012 Phone 540-853-2502